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Old 19-10-2007, 16:25
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Default Activities to do while out in Malia during the day!

Hi all trying to arrange activities to do while out in Malia next year. Someone has told me about the water park...any good?

But was looking for more things....like go karting, day trips....etc.

There will be about 15 of us and we was thinking about a bit of Golf and Sea fishing (no jokes please).

Does anyone know of a website or company that maybe able to help with the sea fishing cruise or golf?

Just another question should be going with Olympic Holidays, should I pay for the bar craw or does everyone just tag along?

Like always thanks for reading and I look forward to the replies...if any!
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Old 19-10-2007, 16:52
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Ive never been to malia...so i wouldn't know...but what date u gng this summer cuz im gng 2 =]


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Old 19-10-2007, 17:50
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as above, n there is whatever u can do with the reps, and there are like travel agents there which u can arrange day trips n what not with
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Old 24-10-2007, 16:50
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There is a daytime in malia?!?!?!

lol jokes im the day we were just chilling by the Poole or down the beach. (it doesnt get old) We went to the waterpark and it was pretty good.

The good thing about Malia is that you dont get hangovers! Maybe its all the water you drinl, we went out 13 nites out of 14!! it was very messy.

Malia to me was this:

Wake up 10-11
Dinner - Either made in are apartments or to resurtant etc
Maybe a nap chill out maybe go to some shops
Shower 10pm
Get ready 10.15
Start drinking 10.30
Leave the apartment drunk 12.30-1 and hit the strip
Scene missing
Scene missing
Scene missing

Wake up the next day
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Old 25-10-2007, 01:30
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For sea fishing you'd have to book through a travel agent, and then catch a transfer to AG Nik. I dont recommend it, as its your typical 'make money out of tourist' type trip. The boat will be packed with families, kids etc. You have hardly any room to fish. Typical charter boat fishing equipment etc. Its more of a day out, as you stop at Spinalonga Island (which isnt actually an island) and have a BBQ, which is all well and nice, but its not fishing. In 2 of the spots we fish, I didnt see one rock on the bottom (you can see the bottom)... And as you may well know, not many fish hang out at the sandy sea bed eh.

I would recommend you buy some telespopic rods and reels for about 30 euros, a few extra hooks and ledgers/floats, and find yourself a nice bay/rocky area/malia port to fish. A bag of prawns from the Spar supermarket for 5 euros that will last you all week will do the trick...
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Old 25-10-2007, 16:16
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go and see ya rep when ya get there, they will definitly help ya. we done the booze cruise and beach party which were good other than that there was a water park by our hotel whick looked good

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Old 26-10-2007, 20:21
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See Sharon at the excursion shop at the top of the strip (opp galaxy bar), Very friendly and does a good deal
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